Why Do We Exist?

Montana Family Institute is a faith-based non-profit, research, education, and advocacy organization, working to support, protect and strengthen Montana families.

The Montana Family Institute is a Christian ministry connecting, training, and equipping Montana families.

Families get stronger when they come together. We build local communities of families across the state with the intention of connecting them through local events and online social media. In partnership with ministries like Focus on the Family, we perform studies, provide information about Christian family values, and educate policy-makers about Montana families.

It helps to know you are not alone, and that there are other like minded families nearby who want to join you in raising children of God!

Biblical Worldview Training

Do you know why you believe what you believe? In a culture where the Bible is thought to be irrelevant, it is crucial to have answers grounded in the Truth. More “Christian” famlies and churches are exchanging the truth of God’s word for the lies of this world, the Devil, and the flesh than ever before. We are here to help you teach your family the why’s behind how you are teaching them to live.

In partnership with ministries like Focus on the Family, we offer Biblical apologetics and worldview training like the Truth Project and TrueU courses.


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